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Crypto-payment, Charter Request in Leon, no more Premium and more.

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Dear colleagues,
Aviapages starts 2022 with major updates & integration and we are happy to share some news! 

What’s new? 

1. No more Premium subscriptions, only PRO. 

Aviapages ecosystem and services are developing quickly. Our website, apps and API are used by more than 3000 professionals on a daily basis, showing quality of our services and real interest and necessity for the industry. That’s why Aviapages Premium is changed to PRO and get additional benefits for customers. We reviewed our subscriptions, especially included services to make them more clear and valuable. Besides that the desktop website and all our apps will be united into the unique ecosystem with cross-authentication - logging in at one device and getting access to PRO-services in all ecosystem. This should help all participants in the industry to be involved faster in the system, get them possibility to use all the potential of the platform, scale and digitize business. At the second stage PRO-version will have major updates in the website design and customer dashboard. 

2. Crypto-payment become available by request. 


In cooperation with Mirai Flights, an unique business-jets booking platform, Aviapages launched possibility to pay flights using Crypto-currency. The procedure is super easy – access Crypto Payments in our Lab, request token and get instructions to follow and proceed payment. 

3. Charter Directories APP was added to Aviapages ecosystem. 

Based on our API it includes all our database and information about charter aircraft, operators, FBOs and airports. With our app you can find:

  • • aircraft by tail number or type, its basic information and see photos;
  • • operator's contacts and fleet;
  • • an FBO in specific airport and see how to access it on the map;
  • • airports near your location, in specific countries or cities. 

In addition, you can make a call or write email directly from the app!
The APP is available for iOS and Android.


What to expect?  

1. Charter Request integration into FOS systems (Skylegs, Leon, FL3XX) 


Possibility to receive requests from our system inside operators’ profiles in FOS is here. The integration is on the test stage with Leon system and will be launched in the beginning of March. Request integration with the next 2 systems, FL3XX and Skylegs, is in progress and should be available by the end of Spring. Aviapages old customers as well as new clients get a change to increase sales and build new partnership using the integration. 

2. Aviapages website update. 


During following months we are going to update website design – renewing website structure and getting better usability. We start with the main page and menus in desktop, mobile versions and Aviapages APP. At the moment updates don’t affect tools pages & structure and will be processed step-by-step for more comfortable transition to new version for our customers. All updates will be announced in our social medias and newsletters. 

 Kind regards,
 Aviapages team