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Bombardier EcoJet – a jump to the “ZERO carbon” era?

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Around 2 months ago, during the EBACE 2022 Bombardier company announced the start of EcoJet project exploring how to reduce carbon emission with up to 50% or to drive it our of air transport. Does the manufacturer tries to jump into the “ZERO carbon” era?  The aircraft demonstration prototype has futuristic design that impresses a lot! It looks like a machine from the future. The emission reduction will be achieved through a combination of aerodynamics and propulsion enhancements. Bombardier engineers look to a blended wing and smooth fuselage as a part of foundation for emission reduction. It takes years to build full size aircraft, and company isn't sure about latest technologies of propulsion system to use for the aircraft, but Hydrogen or Electric engines could be potential options too. The development program for a new aircraft typically requires several hundreds of employees and spans a period of 10 to 15 years.

More info about the project.