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Avisched and Aviapages collaborate on a better future

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Avisched, the flight operations software provider, and Aviapages, the provider of a business aviation marketplace and directories, are starting a promising collaboration. This cooperation will entail the integration of Avisched’s partners schedule into the Aviapages charter request tool. This will enable both companies’ clients to sell more charter flights and receive relevant charter requests without additional costs. All this is possible thanks to their initiative to provide more benefits to clients and to minimize expenses during these challenging times.


“We are delighted to have this opportunity to support Aviapages with this schedule integration as its first flight ops software provider and are convinced not only that Aviapages has a great future but also that all our clients will benefit as a result,” says Mrs. Nana Steiner, Head Marketing & Sales at Avisched.

“Our charter request tool is an excellent and cost-effective alternative for charter searches in the market. Following further improvements and our clients’ feedback, we have now started the process of operator schedule integration. We would like to thank Avisched and our clients, Air Independence, IJM, Nomad Aviation and other partners, for their support. This efficiency and cooperation are especially valuable at the moment,” adds Yuri Dzun, Brand Development Partner at Aviapages.

This integration is made possible by the API and cloud technologies. Both companies aim to finalize the integration by the end of spring, when the market is expected to return to the normal operations.

About Avisched 

Based in Austria, Avisched’s team combines over 30 years of experience in the aviation and information technology industry. Avisched is a flight operations software that covers all operational and commercial tasks – from the scheduling and dispatching of aircraft to staff and crew management as well as charter sales.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Nana Steiner (Head Marketing & Sales):

+43 (0) 2256 21104 or

About Aviapages

Aviapages has been providing the business aviation industry with IT, marketing, directory and sales solutions since 2015. These solutions include tools such as a flight calculator, charter live map, and API. Aviapages is today one of the leading Google Search appearance directory websites and includes among its members around 120 companies from Europe, USA, Russia and the Middle East.

For more information, please contact Mr. Yuri Dzun (Brand Development Partner): 

+39(0) 327 465 6401 or