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Aviapages Flight Time Calculator into Skylegs system is already available!

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Aviapages has completed the integration with Skylegs, an all-in-one management platform for aircraft operators, brokers and dispatchers.

The flight schedule import from Skylegs into Aviapages is now available. When a customer or a broker uses Aviapages’ charter request tool, the integrated schedule helps the system load  a list of aircraft and operators that are available at the given date for that particular route. This allows operators to only receive relevant requests and brokers to see the real availability scenario.

Statistics show that operators with premium Aviapages membership and integrated schedule receive around four times more requests. Schedule integration into Aviapages is simple and quick, only requiring the operator’s details, approval and the fleet information.

Charter Request tool preview from Aviapages

In Skylegs platform you can also use Aviapages Flight Time & Route Calculator with no extra cost, as the integration is included in all Skylegs packages. When creating or updating a quote (offer) or a scheduled flight, the operator calculates the flight time via via Aviapages.

The calculation is based on technical data from the aircraft profiles inside Aviapages system, that brings very accurate results.

Aviapages Calculator into Skylegs new quote

Aviapages Calculator into Skylegs existing quote

Aviapages Calculator into Skylegs flight

Aviapages Flight Time Calculator is one of the most popular tools in Europe, USA and CIS business aviation market, showing more than 20k calculations per month. It is available as mobile app for Android and iOS, and the desktop website.

Calculation Result from Aviapages Flight Calculator app

Calculation Result from Aviapages Flight Calculator desktop website

Sales and operations departments can keep their workflow in one place, becoming more efficient by using this tool directly from Skylegs. At the moment up to 300 calculations are available for free and this number can be increased with premium membership.

It is easy to start using the calculator: simply send a request for an API key to Aviapages, the team issues the key and the connection is made to the Skylegs account.

For more information, contact or visit:

Skylegs – | +32 3658 8480 |

Aviapages – | +373 697 15 062 |