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Automatic schedule & quoting integration with Leon.

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         Integration between Aviapages & Leon becomes more and more easier! Integrate by yourself flight schedule from Leon into Aviapages & quotes from Aviapages into Leon.  All you have to do is to enter your "OprId" and follow instructions.

         How does it benefit you? First of all, it increases the quality and actuality of requests you get from our platform; with an integrated schedule, we can offer customers your aircraft more efficiently. Secondly, your empty legs are posted in the Aviapages Charter Live Map automatically and could be requested as well. Finally, you receive charter requests directly from Aviapages, which optimizes your workflow and increases sales.


         At the same time, the Aviapages Flight Time Calculator is still available in Leon. The process is very simple too: we get your request, issue the key and open test access. You try it, decide if it matches your requirements or not, understand how many calculations you need per month, and we prepare the offer and start cooperation. Email us at and get the key.