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Airlander 10 | Red Dot award for Challenger | G800 first flight | Flying Hotel | Rolls-Royce hybrid jet engine

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Red Dot Award for Challenger 3500.

Challenger 3500 that has already become a "star" among other jets was honored by Red Dot "Best of the Best" Award in Product Design 2022. The Red Dot is one of the most prestige awards in technical and product design especially.  The Challenger 3500 aircraft features the widest cabin in its class with a flat floor design. The advanced sound insulating design makes the cabin the quietest,  minimizing noise for more comfort and productivity. The air circulation system is also the fastest fresh air delivery system - replenishing the cabin with fresh air in less than two minutes. Aircraft offers the lowest direct operating costs in its class through affordable maintenance programs, low parts cost and longer maintenance intervals.

“Our jury was especially impressed by the products that won a Red Dot: Best of the Best. This distinction is synonymous with ground-breaking design par excellence. Only a very small percentage of competition winners were awarded this special title because a product needs to have a certain something in order to win this top award. This distinction is proof that Bombardier created a brilliant design!” said Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award. 

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Airlander 10 - reveal of airship history.

Air Nostrum Group signed a reservation agreement with Hybrid Air Vehicles for pioneering hybrid aircraft - Airlander 10. Does it means that airlander history comes back and goes to a new stage? According the agreement company reserves ten 100-seat Airlander 10 aircraft that should be delivered from 2026 and onwards. Airlander fleet is set for operation across Spain.  Hybrid Air Vehicles plan to open manufacturing facility in UK for this order creating thousands of jobs in green technologies industry. The Airlander 10 was designed with 75% less carbon emission in basic configuration and up to 90% emission reduction in hybrid-electric configuration. This vehicle has range of 7408 km. The prototype of aircraft completed 7 test flights during the testing program that helped to incorporate more than 500 modifications to improve flight characteristics, operation, and maintenance. Since September 2018 company was awarded by EASA Design Organisation Approval and by UK Civil Aviation Authority with Production Organisation Approval that confirms Airlander 10 ready for production and launch to customers. 

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Sky Cruise Flying hotel.

A video, as well as the concept of floating hotel or flying world has become viral on YouTube. Sky Cruise or a “Flytanic” as it was called across Internet is a giant floating machine that could carry up to 5000 passenger offering luxurious lifestyle and everything that a normal city has – bars, restaurants, cinema halls, theaters, game rooms, venues to get married, observation tower etc. Hashem Al-Ghaili the creator of this video told he was inspired by Japanese movie Castle in the Sky and current flying experience had become tiresome and outdated. The animator believes it would go for the 2040s at the latest. Nuclear energy was part of the design because the Sky Cruise need sufficient energy for the takeoff and it could be possible when powerful nuclear reactors become small enough to fit inside a plane that size. Powered by nuclear fusion, the ship will be able to remain afloat for years together, all without carbon emissions.

Well, some time age we couldn’t believe that cars with electric engine and totally automatic driving mode are possible. Now we have Tesla. How could we think that “Flytanic” will not come true? 

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Gulfstream G800 first flight.

Gulfstream G800, unveiled to the market in October 2021, completed it’s first flight on June 28. The aircraft performed flight using a blend of sustainable fuel. The G800 departed from Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport and landed there 2 hours later. The G800 is equipped with Gulfstream’s new generation Symmetry Flight Deck and dual head-up displays featuring the new Combined Vision System, which includes Enhanced Flight Vision System and Synthetic Vision System imagery. The Company marks numerous unique features as hand-crafted, ergonomic seats; a high-definition circadian lighting system; 100% fresh, never recirculated air; what the company claims to as the lowest cabin altitude in the industry; a plasma-ionization air purification system; and 16 large windows.

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Rolls-Royce hybrid engine for jets.

Rolls-Royce announced the development of turbo-generator technology following Advanced Air Mobility and Reduction of Carbon footprint programs in business aviation. The development includes a new small engine designed for hybrid-electric applications. The turbo-generator will recharge batteries after take-off or power propellers directly, enabling aircraft to switch between power sources in flight. 

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First flight on 100% SAF.

Swedish airline Braathens Regional Airlines completed the first test flight with sustainable aviation fuel in both engines with its ATR 72-600 prototype in cooperation with Neste supplier. It was performed from Malmo, in southern Sweden to Bromma near Stockholm, flight duration was 1 hour 20 minutes. The flight is a part of ATR certification program flying on 100% SAF in both engines. The program should be completed in 2025.

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SpaceX provides Wi-Fi for JSX Airline fleet.

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite communications system was selected by JSX arline as main Wi-Fi provider on its fleet of Embraer ERJ twinjets with capacity of up to 30 passengers. The first Starlink-equipped jet is expected to fly later this year and the Wi-Fi will be offered for free to onboard customers.

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Gulfstream expands Appleton WI division.

Gulfstream expands Appleton, Wisconsin center with 200 jobs and 55$ mln investments. Manufacturer expects to open new facility by 3rd qurter of 2023 and it should include the biggest paint booth with capability to paint up to 48 aircraft a year as well as offer entire aircraft completions.

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