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Airlander 10 - are airships coming back?

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Air Nostrum Group signed a reservation agreement with Hybrid Air Vehicles for pioneering hybrid aircraft - Airlander 10. Does it means that airlander history comes back and goes to a new stage? According the agreement company reserves ten 100-seat Airlander 10 aircraft that should be delivered from 2026 and onwards. Airlander fleet is set for operation across Spain.  Hybrid Air Vehicles plan to open manufacturing facility in UK for this order creating thousands of jobs in green technologies industry. The Airlander 10 was designed with 75% less carbon emission in basic configuration and up to 90% emission reduction in hybrid-electric configuration. This vehicle has range of 7408 km. The prototype of aircraft completed 7 test flights during the testing program that helped to incorporate more than 500 modifications to improve flight characteristics, operation, and maintenance. Since September 2018 company was awarded by EASA Design Organisation Approval and by UK Civil Aviation Authority with Production Organisation Approval that confirms Airlander 10 ready for production and launch to customers. 

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