PANH Helicopters
Class Helicopter
Max. passengers 22
Year of production 1991 lock icon Premium
Serial number 95576
Homebase URKK (KRR), Pashkovskiy
Cabin height 2.25 m
Cabin width 1.80 m
Cabin length 5.34 m
Mil-8MTV helicopter is upgraded modification of Mil-8T helicopter with mounting of more high-power engines. It has kept all better qualities of Mil-8T helicopter and is capable to transport heavy freight weight (up to 4000 kg).
For extending flight range the helicopter can be equipped with additional fuel tanks both inside and outside the helicopter. The helicopter design and equipment allows putting it into operation at independent basing on not equipped heliports. By means of flight performances improvement it is possible to perform specific types of work on Mil-8MTV (such as the construction of transmission lines, carrying out of area gravimeter observations).
Mil-8MTV helicopters can be used for assembling works, transportation of freights, both inside the cabin and on the external sling, transportations of people (up to 22 persons), patrol and monitoring of pipelines and electric mains, search and rescue operations, firefighting and also for operations to the sites on floating platforms and offshore drilling rigs.