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PANH Helicopters
Class Helicopter
Max. passengers 30
Year of production 1990 lock icon Premium
Serial number 34001212428
Homebase URKK (KRR), Pashkovskiy
Cabin height 3.17 m
Cabin width 3.29 m
Cabin length 12.10 m
Mil-26Т, the multi-purpose, wide-body transport helicopter is meant for transportation of engineering and bulky freights in weight up to 20 tons both in a cargo compartment, and on the external sling.
Mil-26T helicopter is certificated under Russian airworthiness standards (NLGV-2 – Airworthiness Standards for Helicopters), worked out on the basis of FAR-29 USA Airworthiness Standards.
This helicopter is meant for independent basing, does not require special ladders; engine and transmission cowlings in an open position are used as airstairs.
The auxiliary power-unit provides independent helicopter engine start-up, electrical power supply of gears at cargo handling, airborne equipment check, air conditioning in a cockpit, heating and ventilation in cargo compartment on the earth at automotive equipment loading-unloading.
The power-unit has systems of automatic supporting of rotor revolution and engine power synchronization. At failure of one of engines power of another is increased to maximum that provides safe landing with full loading.
Engines are equipped with the dust-protection devices protecting gas-air flow duct against dust and dirt.
The cabin is airtight, comfortable, equipped by an air conditioning system, it has the excellent view; the cabin layout and flight and navigation equipment complex provide carrying out different in complexity and duration flights.
Mil-26T helicopter can carry out day and night flights, at visual and instrumental meteorological conditions.