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Class Light
Max. passengers 8
Year of production 1982 lock icon PRO
Serial number 422
Homebase KFXE (FXE), Fort Lauderdale Executive
Medical ramp
Adult critical care
Skylink Jets is a direct air carrier, FAA Part 135 certificate holder, with operational control our four Learjets. The aircraft are operated and maintained under FAA rules and regulations, and authorized for air ambulance operations.
FAA-certified stretcher systems are installed in each aircraft to provide for a secure and comfortable bed for the duration of the patient’s air transport.
The stretcher’s unique loading system allows the patient to be securely transferred into and out of the aircraft with efficiency and safety. Both Learjet 35A aircraft are equipped with the larger 36” Cargo Door. This larger entryway allows for safer transfers of all patients and equipment into and out of the plane.
Both engines (Turbo Fan Engines) all four Learjet 35A’s have received the $190,000.00* -2C upgrades. These improved and better performing TFE 731-2C-2B engines allows for higher engine operating temperatures and reliability.
The Learjet 35A is advantageous for air ambulance transports because of it’s long-range capabilities. In addition to the standard long-range capability, both of Skylink’s Learjets are equipped with the optional $120,000* ZR Lite wing modification, giving these jets the extra 5.5 hour non-stop range. This extra range allows the team the ability to go non-stop to many destinations in North, Central and South America. For example, from home base in Fort Lauderdale the team can travel to any point in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and into South America (Ecuador, Columbia, Peru, Venezuela and Brazil) without a fuel stop. The extra extended range reduces costs and shortens transport time due to fewer fuel stops.
Whether you are across the world or close to home, Trinity Air Ambulance can assist you.