Gulfstream G200

Aircraft Services Group, Inc.
Refurbished: 2016
Divan seats: 3
Cabin: h: 1.91m / w: 2.20m / l: 7.47m
Luggage volume: 4.25m³
Wireless internet
The Gulfstream G200 is an impressive Super Mid-Size Jet. This
aircraft offers superior range and comfort with Transcontinental
performance capability. With a 6’3” cabin height, the G200
provides the most headroom in its class. Our complimentary WiFi,
executive tables, and power outlets offer a productive
atmosphere for the most business savvy traveler. A fully berthable
divan and whisper quiet cabin allow guests to rest and arrive at
their destination refreshed.
max. passengers 9
year of production 2004
serial number 092