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Piaggio Avanti

AIRGO Private Airline
Class Light
Max. passengers 7
Year of production 2007 lock icon PRO
Serial number 1125
Homebase LFPB (LBG), Le Bourget
Cabin height 1.75 m
An aircraft so unique that you can’t classify it as a jet or turboprop – it’s a class of its own: the Piaggio Avanti. Faster than a light jet, a stand-up cabin roomy and comfortable like a midsize jet, but with the price tag of a turboprop. Today AirGO operates the biggest Piaggio Avanti fleet in Europe.
Spacious as a mid-size jet, the Avanti is a unique aircraft that amazes every passenger with its inviting cabin with a 1.75 m ceiling allowing for comfortable movement and a gangway to walk through. The cabin noise level and vibrations are as low as in modern jets. With a convenient restroom with window, lavatory and wardrobe, the Avanti is the ideal airplane that can also be used for long flights.