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200 Texas Way Fort Worth, Texas 76106
Executive lounge
Conference room
Wireless internet
Vending machines
Car rental
Aircraft parking
Aircraft fuel
Aircraft catering
Pilot's lounge
Weather briefing
Crew car
Let the koi pond amuse you or sit back in front of the fireplace and relax. Texas Jet’s “Welcome Home” lobby overlooks aircraft arriving and departing from our main ramp and gives you that comfy feeling from the moment you walk in.
Hungry before or after your flight? Enjoy a hot bagel, a delicious snack or a variety of beverages and gourmet coffee drinks in REFUEL!
Go Rentals’ touchless DocuSign program allows you to get in and Go!...planeside! Go is very conveniently located in our lobby for those times you need a quick receipt. Texas Jet is happy to provide Hertz and Enterprise as well.
Enjoy a good workout in LIFT, our complete Fitness Center. Finish with a refreshing shower. Towels and toiletries are furnished.
Texas Jet operates 23 hangars totaling more than 450,000 square feet and housing the aircraft of Fort Worth’s top companies. Parking space is always available on our huge, concrete ramp. Hangar space for transient aircraft is normally available.
Our big screen, HDTV, Surround Sound theater in Cinema is guaranteed to entertain you. Or settle back in one of our recliners, read or just take it easy.
You’ll feel refreshed and ready to go after a well-deserved nap or after relaxing and watching Satellite TV on the flat screen in our Quiet Room. This is also a great room for small meetings for two or three people.
Texas Jet’s extensive covered parking will keep the scorching Texas sun and inclement weather off of your vehicle. Allow us to valet park your vehicle, also.
Your flight planning will be a snap with four workstations and a direct radio to Clearance Delivery at your fingertips. Wi-Fi is available throughout the FBO and on the ramp.
Our Fort Worth Room seats six around the table and has all the amenities you’ll need.
Plenty of Crew Cars available for day or overnight use.