Choice Aviation Yellowstone

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KWYS (WYS), Yellowstone

Phone +1 406 646 7359
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Working hours 7am-6pm May-Oct Airport CLOSED NOV-APR
West Yellowstone, Montana 59758, Yellowstone Airport (WYS)
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The Yellowstone Airport is located two miles north of the town of West Yellowstone on Hwy 191,or 45 miles south of the Resorts at Big Sky. The town of West Yellowstone is located at the west entrance to Yellowstone National Park. The Yellowstone Airport is also the closest, full-service airport to all the major attractions in Yellowstone National Park, including Old Faithful (30 miles), Canyon (45 miles), and Lake Hotel (65 miles). The airport is at an elevation of 6,644 feet and has an 8,400 foot long runway. The instrument approaches include ILS, NDB and GPS. The airport has accommodated everything from C152s to the B747.
There is a landing fee charged to all turbine/jet aircraft starting at $25. There are no parking/overnight charges at Yellowstone Airport.