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WRF Avia


We are glad to welcome you on the page of WRF Avia - a catering project for business aviation from the White Rabbit Family Restaurant holding.

Our restaurants are the well-known White Rabbit, Sakhalin, Selfie, Gorynych, Benedict, Zodiac, Mushrooms, Tehnikum in Moscow, as well as Red Fox, Plakuchaya Iva, Che Kharcho and Luciano in Sochi.

The brand chef of the WRF Restaurant Group, Vladimir Mukhin, is the most titled Russian chef. Vladimir is one of the ten best chefs in the world.

White Rabbit Family is a team that fully shares the views and policies of business aviation - safety, impeccable service, and the highest quality. White Rabbit Family is a holding company that treats its work with great respect, without compromising on quality.

WRF AVIA is an impeccable team of true market professionals whose experience in catering for business aviation is unmatched.

phone +7 495 161 8888
Smolenskaya Square 3
Moscow, Russian Federation