Wiggins Airways, Inc.

charter operator

We keep life moving

Wiggins Airways is New England’s Premier Aviation Service Organization since 1929. We are a regional carrier of freight serving 12 states in the North and Southeastern United States. We are located in bases as far north as Presque Isle, Maine and as far west as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Company is based at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (KMHT) in New Hampshire with 100 employees including 50 pilots. We have a fleet of 27 Cessna Caravans, 10 Beechcraft 99s and seven Embraer 110s.

Wiggins has a 24/7/365 aircraft maintenance operation that provides service to our fleet and performs maintenance services as needed for aircraft based at KMHT. We also have a fully staffed and equipped flight following operations to support our flight crew. We are proud of our long history in aviation and our dedicated employees.

phone +1 603 629 9191
fax +1 603 669 8708
1 Garside Way, 03103
Manchester, United States