Vizion Air

charter operator

A boutique airline for tailor-made flying

Established in 2012, Vizion Air is the first and only à la carte boutique airline in Belgium. Flying exclusively for brokers, the firm is committed to exceed their expectations. Vizion Air ensures an exceptional level of support and service to their clients.

With our Saab we can go to the easily-accessible airports all across Europe.

As a small firm, Vizion Air is able to adapt quickly to the changing requirements of its clients and ensure that they enjoy the experience they need.

Brokers are in direct contact with their individual flight manager from planning through to landing so that they can tailor the flight experience to suit their clients’ individual needs.

phone +32 (0)3 239 18 20
Luchthavenlei 1 B 211 B-2100 Deurne
Antwerpen, Belgium