UTG Private Aviation

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UTG Private Aviation is a fix-based operator (FBO) located 22 km from Moscow, in close proximity to Domodedovo airport. Provides full cycle of services for executive aviation: supplying pre / post-flight procedures for VIP passengers of regular flights, business jets ground handling, business aviation passengers- and crew service, apron parking points leasing and hangarage. Domestic, international and EAEU separate departure channels are operational at terminal for passengers convenience. Unlike other airports located in Moscow region, Domodedovo Airport is not slot-coordinated, so there are no time waiting. Aircraft MRO center and helicopter landing area will appear close to the terminal as part of the FBO.

phone + 7(495) 967-82-12
142015, Domodedovo city district, Domodedovo Airport named after M.V.Lomonosov
Moscow, Russian Federation