UTG Private Aviation

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Business aviation can be really affordable!

UTG Private Aviation is an FBO located in Moscow Domodedovo airport (22 km from Moscow). Our FBO provides all services both for business aviation and for VIP passengers of scheduled commercial flights: pre / post-flight procedures, ground handling for private jets, FBO services for passengers and crew, aircraft apron parking, and hangar storage. Domestic, international, and EEC separate departure channels for passengers' convenience. Domodedovo Airport is not slot-coordinated, so the passengers don't need to waste any time waiting for the flight. The aircraft MRO center and helicopter landing area are to be launched soon.

Elena Zhdanova
Executive Director
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elena.zhdanova@utgpa.com +7 (495) 744 01 06 ext. 230
Oleg Ivanov
Head of Marketing
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oleg.ivanov@utgpa.com +7 916 6567090
phone + 7 495 967 82 12
142015, Domodedovo city district, Domodedovo Airport named after M.V.Lomonosov, 13/1
Moscow, Russian Federation