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handling arrangements

Ground support through Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

In 1959, Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. founder Tom Evans was providing something that no one else in the world had thought of before. He was creating weather forecasts not for commercial aviation, but for business aviation as a time-saving convenience. It was the start of a company that would innovate and grow with the advent of more needs and new ideas. One such idea was rooted in a saying in aviation: Take-offs are optional. Landing is mandatory.
Tom Evans realized that business aviation operators were not getting what they needed on the ground, which was top-tier ground support. Crews and passengers had a need to hire ground handling services focused on business aviation. Unfortunately, in those early days, handling services were only provided by airline staff more focused on the airline than the business aviation operator. Thus, in the mid-’70s, we opened our first ground handling services in Mexico and Spain – a natural extension to the weather and coordination support we were already providing to our clients at the time.
Originally, it was a simple matter of providing people on the ground to greet and service aircraft. But, with time, more and more companies began using us for more than ground handling. This increased traffic created a need for us to build actual physical facilities for ground handling and maintenance.

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