The Early Air Way, LLC

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The Early Air Way is a private jet charter company built and managed to continuously offer the best services that money can buy. Our beginnings are humble, and have grown to receive global recognition. We were founded in December of 2005 by Alex Early, then still an aviation obsessed college student, with the sole intention of providing unique, unrivaled travel products. The company was transformed into a private jet charter company in 2007 after Alex had worked for an air charter operator in Van Nuys, California and noticed what he perceived to be problems amongst retail Jet Charter Broker companies and the opportunities that resulted.

To date, we have remained one of the nation's fastest growing private jet charter companies. Our clients include celebrities, US Senators, US Representatives, US Governors, US presidential candidates, heads of state, authors, Fortune 500 businesses, flight departments, aircraft owners, FBOs, 5 star hotels, premium charge card concierge services, charter management companies, small and midsize businesses, many families, and those who simply like to fly private, the proper way. Our typical client has flown private before, comes to us, and then stays with us. For years, we have been recommended to guests by easily the finest hotel in Las Vegas, without offering them a compensation agreement. Fly with the best private jet charter company. Fly The Early Air Way.

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Van Nuys, United States