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The 195 Factory

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The 195 Factory is a manufacturer of an extensive list of PMA and MTO parts for the Cessna 190/195 aircraft. We offer complete structural repair and our maintenance knowledge is second to none. Parts can be purchased through this online store or in person at our physical location.

Continuing the legacy of Bill Milton, the crew at The 195 Factory is manufacturing parts for the Cessna 190/195 series airplanes. Family owned & operated, we have safety, originality, and operational utility in the forefront while keeping costs down for a loyal following of Cessna 195 enthusiasts. Our extensive line of products and parts combines with a fully operational service shop with experienced mechanics dedicated to one airframe: “The Businessliner”

phone +1 518 882 6392
160 County Highway 153, 12095
Johnstown, United States

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