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Sundt Air was founded in 1997, but the Company`s his­tory originates all the way back to 1989, when Norsk Luftambulanse AS (NLA) started their fixed-wing operations. After six years of operation, the fixed-wing department was detached, and a separate Company; Nor Aviation was established. In 1999 all as­sets were acquired by Petter C.G. Sundt, one of Norway’s leading businessmen. Today the Company is owned by his children Christan C.G.Sundt and Else Helene Sundt, under the investment Company Sundt Ltd. In 2000 the Company changed name to Sundt Air AS, and the Company is a proud member of the Sundt Group of aviation companies.

phone +47 6392 9660
fax +47 6392 9670
PO Box 31, N-2061, Gardenmoen
Oslo, Norway