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There are numerous advantages to flying with Sundance Aviation: schedule your travel according to your agenda and decide the departure time that works for you. Additionally, avoid lengthy security lines at commercial airports, dreadful layovers, and the nightmare of lost luggage. As a Sundance Aviation client, you have the ability to utilize executive airports closer to your destination and can take off within minutes of arriving at the airport. Fly non-stop to your destination, or fly to multiple cities in a single day. The choice is yours! Spend more time at your destination and less time traveling there.

Founded in 2002, Sundance Aviation is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration to the same stringent regulations as the major airlines. We provide charter and management services to a variety of clients - from real estate business people to healthcare professionals to Wall Street investors. Whether for business or pleasure, the goal of our company is to provide the safest and most convenient travel possible. We strive to fulfill our client's needs within their travel budgets.

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