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Stratus 9

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We are a team of passionate pilots and entrepreneurs. In our eyes, private air travel represents one of humanity's greatest dreams: going far, fast, and flexible.

We founded Stratus 9 with the aim of making private travel more accessible and efficient, while also providing an attractive investment opportunity. The Pilatus PC-12, known for its safety, efficiency, and reliability, was our natural choice to launch our fleet. Its performance and versatility have made it a cornerstone for operators globally for over 20 years.

Building on this strong foundation, we have expanded our fleet to include a variety of other aircraft types. This growth reflects our commitment to offering a diverse range of private air travel options, ensuring we can cater to every journey and investor preference.

In this endeavor, we are dedicated to embracing new technologies to make Stratus 9 a leader in aircraft co-ownership, focusing on safety improvements, cost optimization, optimized fleet management, and environmental sustainability.

In choosing our name, Stratus 9, we drew inspiration from the natural world and the realms of flight. The 'Stratus' cloud formation, symbolizing depth and stability, reflects our approach to private air travel. The number '9', marking the start of the Stratosphere, represents our high-reaching ambitions. It also symbolizes, in ancient numerology, the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, mirroring our continuous evolution and the maturity we bring to every aspect of our service.

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