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Starjet, Inc.

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Quietly Leading The Way

Starjet has been serving the private jets needs of clientele around the world since 2000 and dedicates its entire fleet to charter use. The company’s headquarters are located in Los Angeles, CA, and the fleet aircraft are strategically placed at different Los Angeles-area airports (Van Nuys, LAX, and Ontario) to best accommodate customer needs.
Starjet’s strength is in its size – as a customer you will always have direct access to top management and the phones are always answered by an actual Starjet representative, 24 hours a day. Never an answering service. You will enjoy the same familiar flight crews and aircraft that only a “boutique” air carrier can offer.
The company’s service philosophy is based on the concept of “seeing is believing”. Instead of claiming to be “the industry leader” we ask that you allow us to show you what we do best – outstanding customer service with a personal touch and at a great price.

phone +1 866 300 5387
fax +1 310 301 1556
26 Washington Boulevard, 2nd Floor, 90292
Marina del Rey, United States