Silesia Air

charter operator

You don't need to wait for Your plane, it is waiting there for You

Our private airline company offers you the most safe, quick, modern and at the same time the most luxury private jets which can be seen on the sky.
In particular we are specialized in individual air passenger transport (airtaxi).
Airtaxi is being used worldwide not only by top managers, sport stars, celebrities and pop-stars, but by all those who appreciate speed, freedom, flexibility, privacy, confidentiality and comfort more than saving of money by using standard airlines. Our client rents always the whole plane, therefore its up to you if you prefer to travel alone, with your business partners, friends or with your family. Forget tiring waitings, delays, flight cancellations, connecting flights and other ways of wasting time. Check in at the airport is carried out separately and in preference. Our staff will take care of you from your arrival to the airport till the termination of the flight.

phone +420 602 705 272
fax +420 553 619 419
Šeříková 364/1, 746 01
Opava, Czech Republic