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Seair Seaplanes

charter operator

Seair Seaplanes was founded by Peter Clarke, a pilot who grew up in BC, dreaming from a young age about flying seaplanes on the west coast.

Peter financed flying lessons and the purchase of his first seaplane by working as a fishing guide. In 1980 he acquired his first plane, a Cessna 185, his business started with flying charters to lodges and backcountry fishing spots along with other charters for the Canadian Navy, lumber companies and commercial fisheries.

Seair’s main base is located at the Vancouver International Seaplane Base (CAM9) near the south terminal of the Vancouver International Airport on the Fraser River. The office, reception area and hangar are conveniently located close to the airport for passengers with commercial flight connections.

The Seair main offices are decorated with fishing and unique aviation-themed art and furniture made from polished wood and gleaming aircraft parts. Peter says, “It’s like where I grew up – a fishing lodge design.”

With a successful charter operation established, Seair launched scheduled service to the Gulf Islands providing customers with 8 flights daily and service to Nanaimo with up to 24 flights per day.

Seair has the world’s largest fleet of factory new Cessna 208 Caravan turboprop passenger planes on floats. The planes are modern, quiet, fast and safe – all very important in serving our customers.

Seair’s friendly team is located at bases at the Vancouver Airport, downtown Vancouver’s Convention Centre seaplane base, and our Nanaimo waterfront base. We are here to offer you our knowledge and service when you choose to fly with us.

phone +1 800 447 3247
4640 Inglis Drive, V7B 1W4
Richmond, Canada