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SC Aviation Inc.

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SC Aviation specializes in Private Jet Air Charter with aircraft conveniently located for executive flights out of Chicago, IL, Milwaukee, WI, Minneapolis, MN and every airport in between! Flying with SC Aviation is a lot like having your own, personal private jet that can take you anywhere you need to be. Whether you need to get to an important meeting and home again, connect with your group on the golf course or just want to travel without the hassles of commercial airports, SC Aviation has been offering a “world-class” business aviation experience for almost 70 years in the Chicago and Wisconsin Region.

Let SC Aviation make it Easy next time you book a private jet charter! Sit back and enjoy the free WiFi, luxurious interiors and catering while we take care of the rest! All air charter quotes are free and prompt with a sales staff standing by 24/7. Also check out our Private Jet One Way List.

phone +1 866 290 9999
fax +1 800 416 4176
1116 West Endeavor Dr., 53546
Janesville, United States