Prime Jet, LLC

charter operator

A different way to fly

Prime Jet was established in 2002, obtaining its US FAA “10 or more Worldwide” Air Carrier Certificate. Our Certificate authorizes Prime Jet to operate aircraft with worldwide authority. We have experience in virtually every country that does not have governmental travel restrictions.

Our team has the experience of operating owned aircraft and has set utilization records with Gulfstream. We know what it takes to manage at the highest level. The only model of aircraft the company has ever operated has been Gulfstream. This is by design so we can focus on being the best. Our reputation, professionalism and success in the industry is without question.

The ownership at Prime Jet are all actively involved aviation professionals working every day at leading our mission statement:

Prime Jet: The experts at fulfilling aircraft ownership and travel needs for its clients in the safest, most efficient and transparent means possible.

phone +1 303 792 2374
fax +1 303 648 4684
8123 Inter Port Blvd. Suite H, 80112
Englewood, United States
certificates DBGA034L