PlaneSmart Aviation, LLC

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The Luxurious and Affordable Alternative to Traditional Private Air Transportation

PlaneSmart! Aviation provides an innovative and cost-effective transportation solution for pilots and non-pilots alike. We professionally manage a fleet of technically advanced high-performance airplanes and make them available to clients in either aircraft shares as equity owners, shared lease owners, or one flight at a time as rentals or charters.

Through participation in one of the PlaneSmart! programs, our customers are able to choose the type of aircraft solution that best satisfies their air transportation needs. Both in quantity of hours available and in the type of planes to accomplish the mission, our clients may obtain fleet access thereby making our programs superior and more cost-effective than sole ownership.

Our customer base is a mix of private individuals seeking assistance in managing their own airplane or offsetting costs through PlaneSmart!’s leaseback program, and businesses looking for a more efficient air transportation solution that does not require the trouble and expense of establishing their own flight department.

So whether you are learning to fly, or seeking a better air transportation solution for your family or business, talk to a representative from PlaneSmart! You are sure to find a cost-effective and hassle-free program to suit your needs.

PlaneSmart! is your ideal aircraft ownership partner. It’s aviation simplified.

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