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Pioneer Aviation Management

Maintaining business aircraft today is no longer just about airworthiness. In addition to maintaining the records and the pedigree of the asset, operational compliance for the modern airspace is also a key element within today’s ownership responsibilities. Current trends in small business flight departments (the majority of which are single aircraft operations) and owner-flown very-light-jet operations indicate that operators rely on the aircraft manufacturer and their existing service center network to keep the aircraft airworthy.

Typically, these operators are not able to justify employing a dedicated maintenance staff to manage aircraft maintenance and technical requirements. However, paying retail labor rates for a cursory review of records is not a best practice to ensure compliance beyond basic airworthiness. An error or omission in either area could result in unnecessary expense, downtime, and loss of authorization to operate. Protect the value of the asset beyond just “keeping it airworthy”! Benefit from the professional expertise that makes larger flight departments successful in the areas of reliability, operational availability, operational compliance, safety and intrinsic value. As a business aviation technical services advisory firm, Pioneer Aviation Management can assume the role of the traditional director of maintenance to efficiently and effectively manage aircraft maintenance and technical requirements.

We are dedicated to providing aviation maintenance services, consistently at industry best practices levels, to owners and operators of business aircraft, with a focus on those operators who lack a dedicated maintenance staff or resource for managing the maintenance function.

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