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Phenix Jet

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Freedom to fly

Phenix Jet is an elite business aviation services company with global reach and clients that demand the utmost premium service and focused dedication that have made they themselves successful. At the core of Phenix exists decades of aviation experience, detailed technical expertise, true international presence, and performance that goes well beyond our competition. Our full spectrum of business aviation services includes top-tier aircraft charter, precision aircraft maintenance, unparalleled aircraft management, as well as unique programs for aircraft ownership. We are demanding on ourselves, and our uncompromising determination to constantly achieve perfection is the engine that powers our success.
Our team continually seeks to rise above the competition, giving unique and personalized service to our most demanding clients. We continually challenge ourselves to adapt to the changing world, satisfy the unique demands of our clients, and expand our scope of services to maintain unrivaled in a very competitive marketplace.

phone +1 561 232 2012
20 South Swinton Avenue, 3444
Delray Beach, United States