Phenix Aviation

charter operator

The wings of your ambitions

At Phénix Aviation, we are proud of the fundamental values ​​held by the company.

Under the leadership of its founder and managing director Jean BORIE for more than two decades our ambitions are resolutely turned towards a reasoned future, creating, developing, placing safety at the forefront of our concerns while offering you a high-level service.

Flexibility is our strength. Knowing how to constantly adapt, staying at the forefront of modern technologies allows us to meet the expectations of our customers and offer them quality services.

For our customers, we use all our know-how to tailor your business or personal trips. Our crews will be keen to transform your trip into a moment of relaxation. Your experience with us will make you want to come back very quickly!

We will transport you to the destination of your choice at a time that suits you...

This is what drives us all at Phénix Aviation, the passion to make you travel.

phone +33 (0) 2 32 85 00 81
fax +33 (0) 9 5777 13 51
Aeroport du Havre, F-76620
Le Havre, France