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Pediatric Air Ambulance

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Optimal safety and medical care for children on the way!

Founded in 2014, our aim is to provide the same quality of medical care provided to children in a university hospital. AMN Medical Services GmbH, under its brand name Pediatric Air Ambulance, offers worldwide pediatric intensive care transports for critically ill and injured children. At our own Pediatric Simulation Center we also offer advanced training of external medical staff in the fields of Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Intensive Care Medicine.

Our Mission:

“Optimal safety and medical care for children on the way!”

Why was the AMN Medical Services GmbH founded?

Children are not small adults. Because children and adults are quite different anatomically and physiologically, it is necessary for them to be treated by pediatricians, doctors specialized in caring for children. However, particularly in the case of an intensive care transport of a seriously ill child, there is often a lack of available trained staff and adequate medical equipment. Through our many years of pediatric experience and cooperation with pediatric university hospitals, we are able to optimally meet these challenges.

We are there for you
Our critical care transport covers travel by air and on the ground. The following options are available for intensive care transport:

-Specially equipped intensive care ambulance

-Rescue helicopter

-Medical aircraft

-Medical transportation in scheduled airlines with emergency kit

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Munich, Germany

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