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Panellenic Private Aviation

charter operator

Panellenic Private Aviation provides private flights and luxury travel services. The fleet of Panellenic boasts state-of-the-art jets, world-class cabin crew and premium in-flight services. From take-off to landing, Earth to air, the Panellenic Private Aviation experience is a masterclass in 21st century comfort and luxury.

A subsidiary of Karatzis Group of Companies, Panellenic Private Aviation is proudly based in Heraklion, Crete. Founded in response to growing demand for business aviation services in Greece, we started with a large fleet of aircrafts and helicopters, which offer direct flights from our home in Heraklion to wider European destinations.

Our fleet is commanded by a highly skilled aviation crew, who are committed to ensuring both the safety and well-being of our guests. Exclusive, private and highly personalised, a journey onboard Panellenic Private Aviation is accompanied by diligent cabin crew, high-end amenities, in-flight fine-dining and assistance from airport to airport. Bearing the proud signature of Nana Hotels VIP services, we offer our guests the highest level of services before, during and after their flight. Fly comfortably in the knowledge that every aspect of your journey has met our comprehensive safety regulations.

We continue to uphold the proud values and culture of the Karatzis Group of Companies, and are always interested in connecting with individuals and companies who share our vision, values and commitment to quality services.

phone +30 2810 382900
fax +30 2810 381400
Stelios Kazantzidis & Vosporou 2A Street 71601
Irakleion / Crete, Greece