Omni Aviation

charter operator

The origins of the OMNI Group go back to the year of 1988 as a small helicopter company dedicated to aerial work. In the early 90’s it started other activities like aerial Medevac Services and airplane operations.
Since 2000 the fixed wing operation registered a dramatic increase both on regional turboprop operation, VIP Charter and Long Haul charter for tour operators. On the other hand, the significant growth of the helicopter business in Brazil let to the creation of OHI - OMNI Helicopters International, a new company where OMNI is now a shareholder.
OMNI is one of the leading aviation groups in Europe with more than 300 employees.

phone +351219457560
fax +351219457569
Rua Henrique Callado, n?4 - Piso 2 - Edificio Orange
Porto Salvo, Portugal