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Why Northwest Jet? It began as an evolution of our customer base in the backcountry aircraft business. We were never sitting in fancy offices selling planes; we have always been pilots and aircraft enthusiasts that turned our passion into a rewarding business. Starting as competitors, we joined forces 16 years ago and now have a runway view corner office in the best FBO in Idaho at Jackson Jet Center. We recently celebrated our 16th year anniversary as what we like to call “real aircraft dealers.” On the piston side, we own and operate one of the largest, longest lasting “adventure/bush plane” dealerships, Northwest Backcountry Aircraft. With 30,000 sq. ft. of hangar space and a healthy inventory in addition to representing three new aircraft manufacturers, NBA continues to be a leader.

 How did we expand to form Northwest Jet? It was a natural progression of our existing business. Over the years we found that a large portion of our backcountry customers trusted us with their larger aircraft purchases and sales. They bought or sold a fun plane and came back for a turbine powered work/business aircraft. We have sold jets and turboprops of all types, piston aircraft of all types including many types of war birds… from P-51’s to Japanese Zeros, and helicopters of all types… civilian general use to Cobra Gunships. We have exported to Canada (regularly), Brazil, Australia, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Germany, Africa and New Zealand.

phone +1 208 630 4441 / +1 208 343 0009
3815 Rickenbacker St, 83705
Boise, United States

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