NordJet Airlines

charter operator

NordJet Airlines was founded in 2003. The main goal was to offer transportation services to executives within the Iberian peninsula and to the rest of Europe, saving time - and money as a result. Time is an increasingly important asset, which is why the Aerotaxi service began to take on a different meaning for this business group. What in the beginning was simply an element of transportation – a work tool – has now become a business project in and of itself.
One of NordJet Airline’s greatest challenges has been offering an efficient, quick, discreet, and – above all – safe service. NordJet Airlines has managed to offer its clients a new way of flying, in which check-in lines, flight delays, stopovers, and lost baggage – a problem that is becoming more and more common – are a thing of the past.

phone +34 945 163 670
fax +34 845 163 671
Aeropuerto de Vitoria-Foronda, Gasteiz, 01196
Gasteiz / Vitoria, Spain