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Nolinor Aviation

charter operator

Founded in 1992, Nolinor Aviation is the largest airline carrier offering specialized commercial charter flights in Canada. Thanks to our fleet of aircrafts, which can be readily configured numerous ways, we continuously meet our clients’ varying needs for transporting passengers, cargo, or both. We offer air service to all regions of Québec and across Canada, the United States and multiple other destinations around the world, including remote regions where gravel and ice runways are the norm.
Nolinor stands out for the safety of its equipment and services. We employ a type A operational control system, supported by a flight-tracking satellite system and highly qualified personnel. Our team is made up of expert pilots, experienced flight attendants, certified flight dispatchers and mechanics who rank top of their industry. Together, they ensure the reliability of every one of our flights, and allow us to offer unparalleled service.
Nolinor Aviation is a private company, wholly owned by the Prud’homme family trust and chaired by Mr. Jacques Prud’homme.

phone +1 450 476 0018
fax +1 450 476 0199
11600, rue Louis-Bisson, (Québec) J7N 1G9
Mirabel, Canada