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Medic’Air International is a service provider founded 25 years ago in Paris, France, by a team of Emergency Physicians.

We operate on a worldwide scale to organize Air Ambulance evacuations, regardless of departure and arrival destinations.

Our team includes 25 Emergency Physicians, over 50 Registered Nurses, and 40 operators, managing over 4000 cases every year, leading to the evacuation of hundreds of patients.

25 years of experience have allowed us to strengthen our assets in order to provide quality interventions for our patient’s comfort and safety.

Over the years, Medic’Air has been able to adapt to the emergence of new pathologies while increasing the execution speed of medical evacuation, with the main focus on patient comfort and safety.

This globally acknowledged expertise is but the result of the high-standard training undergone by medical teams, coupled with the constant focus on the evolution of onboard medical technologies.

Quotes by Medic’Air are mission-based, with a quick and detailed invoicing, and do not imply any type of registration.

phone +33 1 41 72 14 14
fax +33 1 41 72 14 01
35, rue Jules Ferry, 93170 Bagnolet
Paris, France

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