Med-Pac Inc.

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Over the past 20 years, Med-Pac, Inc. has developed an outstanding reputation for medical supply manufacturing, specifically for aeromedical unit installations in Lake Park, Winnipeg Junction, and Audubon, MN.
Our continuing goal as one of the leading medical device companies is to provide medical staff with all of the emergency medical equipment they need to keep saving lives every single day, including custom medical cabinets, ECMO units, and medical stretchers.
We also do the aircraft installation!
Founded in 2000, Med-Pac, Inc. is a trusted source for a wide variety of Aeromedical units. For the past 16 years, our team has focused on manufacturing equipment for a number of medical purposes, including a specific focus on air ambulance installation for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Our experienced team takes great pride in developing these high-quality pieces of aeromedical equipment, knowing full well that the people who use them are doing so to save lives every day on the job. As emergency medical equipment manufacturers, we are honored to play a small but critical role in making that possible.
Based out of Minnesota, we are pleased to serve clients all over the United States. Included among our areas of medical equipment specialization are FAA-approved light-weight, quick-change medical interior equipment. We are also capable of providing custom installations to fit the needs of any client. We staff our team with only the most dedicated personnel in the aviation manufacturing industry, individuals who are highly credentialed and rated to perform this difficult work. This allows us to get you the equipment you need at a reasonable cost.
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Lake Park, United States