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Maximus Air Cargo

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Operating out of Abu Dhabi Airport, Maximus Air specializes in end-to-end cargo solutions, especially moving outsized air cargo, using a fleet that includes an Antonov AN-124-100 and two Ilyushin IL-76TDs. Other segments include VIP transport; the transportation of dangerous goods; equestrian and other live animals; rapid response; and humanitarian relief goods. As the most versatile of air cargo companies in the region, Maximus Air is capable of carrying loads up to 120 tonnes, from a small package that fits on a cargo pallet to a virtual ‘palace-on-wheels’, either through major airports or less established landing fields.

Maximus Air is proud of its origins in the United Arab Emirates. It is today the largest all-cargo airline in the UAE and amongst the biggest operating in the wider Middle East region.

phone +971 2 419 8666
fax +971 2 447 4901
PO Box 35367
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates