Maverick Air Charters

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Simply put, it is COST – EFFECTIVE. With a private Aircraft, you eliminate the Airport check-in process and waste no time changing planes. Coupled with chartered ground travel, you simply drive up to your Aircraft and drive away at the end of the flight. In addition,

a charter can take business executives much closer to their final destination.

Private air charter is CONVENIENT AND FLEXIBLE. You set the schedule, sometimes as little as two hours in advance. You choose the Airports of your departure and arrival. You choose the type and size of Aircraft to fit your needs and you determine the passenger list.

Maverick Air Charters is HASSLE- FREE. Maverick Air Charters removes most of the difficulties that make Airline travel so stressful.

No crowded Airline desks, no long walks through Terminals, no long security lines, no overbooked planes. You arrive at your destination relaxed and focused on the business ahead.

Private air charter is a SAFE MODE OF TRANSPORTATION. Statistically, flying in a chartered aircraft is safer than driving a car. With our strict safety standards, clients board our Aircraft confident they are secure and protected. Private flights are safer for your luggage as well.

Private air charter is CONFIDENTIAL. Every passenger on your private jet is approved by you. Maverick Air Charters maintains a strict policy of discretion and helps to safeguard your employees and the sensitive information they may be carrying.

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