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LJ Aviation

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Excellence Awaits

But the Company is much more to our clientele who enjoy a vast portfolio of world-class services. In support of our core business, L.J. Aviation provides a variety of diversified aircraft services tailored to the individual needs of our clients – including Aircraft Charter, Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft Storage Services, FBO, and Consulting Services. This complete array of services is provided to L.J. Aviation’s customers with our resolute dedication to uncompromising excellence and attention to detail.
Professional services organizations such as L.J. Aviation are often difficult to evaluate. Most tell you they are the best; many advertise that their customer service can’t be beat; some even provide targeted testimonials...but the final assessment of the services they provide is really based on just one element – YOUR individualized personal experience. This is how L.J. Aviation distinguishes itself from its competition every day, on every flight – by focusing on the customer experience. By making every customer interaction and each trip a pleasant and truly memorable experience. From your first phone call to a knowledgeable individual (NEVER automated messages), through your flight, to your destination, each encounter is a testament to L.J. Aviation’s unwavering policy of attention to detail and uncompromising excellence.

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Arnold Palmer Regional Airport 125 Aviation Lane Suite 112
Latrobe, United States