Linear Air

charter operator

Bill Herp founded Linear Air in 2004 along with aviator Michael Goulian. Aimed at frequent travelers disillusioned by frustrating airline service and tedious driving, their goal was to create personal alternative for regional travel.
In 2013, we launched the first Air Taxi marketplace, a revolutionary platform that connects hundreds of Air Taxi operators throughout North America directly to regional travelers. In partnership with internet travel search sites such as Kayak and Hipmunk, we've continued our mission of making private air travel both affordable and accessible.
Today, our Air Taxi service delivers direct, cost-effective flight options covering thousands of airports in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. At Linear Air, our vision is to make smart point-to-point travel available anytime, anywhere.

phone +1 781 860 9696
fax +1 781 628 0738
200 Hanscom Drive Suite 310, 01730
Bedford, United States