Leonard Hudson Flight Limited, LLC

aircraft dealer

With strong Mid-Western attitudes of integrity and hard work, Hudson Flight Limited has grown from a 50 year history of serving the business and industrial aviation needs of Leonard Hudson Drilling along with regional oilfield and ranching interests. Our large fleet history of many types of aircraft, from pistons thru helicopters and jets, coupled with the service we have given for our neighbors and friends, has grown to a service that we would enjoy offering to you. We combine our experience and a common sense approach to filling your aviation needs.
We have used aviation as a productive tool for both time and cost savings, and would like to help you do the same. Having offered "turn-key" drilling services often times on a handshake, we take the same uncomplicated approach to meeting your aviation needs. Our broad experience can work to make a tailored fit for your operation and budget whether it is business, recreation, or investment aircraft for a hedge against inflation.

phone +1 806 662 5823
fax +1 806 665 4627
P.O. Box 1876, Texas 79066
Pampa, United States

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