Kivalliq Air (Nunavut LifeLine)

charter operator

Committed to servicing remote northern Canada

Keewatin Air has operated in the rugged Canadian Arctic for 40 years, logging over 120,000 hours of medevac airtime in some of the most challenging environmental conditions in the world.

Although we operate charter airline services, our primary focus is and has always been medical travel. Whether it is moving passengers with medical needs on our charter aircraft or transporting critically ill patients by air ambulance, we have made medical travel our specialty. Our air medical program is recognized as one of the best air ambulance services in Canada.

Keewatin Air is committed to providing the best possible air services in Northern Canada. We have invested substantially in the infrastructure needed to provide around-the-clock medically oriented air services in Canada’s northern areas and the remote Arctic.

phone +1 877 879 8477
fax +1 877 879 8478
50 Morberg Way, R3H 0A4
Winnipeg, Canada