Kingfisher Aviation LLC

charter operator

Feel safe during your flying experience

Kingfisher Aviation & Kingfisher Air Inc are licensed and inspected to operate by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and State of Alaska. Our pilots are examined annually by the FAA. The aircraft are thoroughly inspected by and maintained by a certified mechanic every 100 flight hours - which is about once a month. We are CPR/First Aid certified and have special use permits to operate in the Kodiak Refuge, Katmai National Park and Alaska State Parks. We meet all the applicable insurance requirements by the state and federal government. Most important and is a mainstay in our company attitude is to NOT PUSH THE WEATHER. Glen & Kyle take a conservative attitude, and will cancel flights if they deem the weather is not (or will not stay) good enough to safely complete the flight.

phone +1 907 486 5155
1829 Mill Bay Road, 99615
Kodiak, United States