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Kalitta Charters LLC

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Since 1967, the Kalitta family name has been associated with excellence in the air transport of critical cargo. The experience acquired in nearly five decades of cargo operations, along with recurrent training requirements for flight operations (dispatch) personnel ensure that Kalitta Charters is the most highly experienced non-scheduled cargo air charter operator in the world.

This is why, on the night of September 11, 2001, when all commercial airspace over the U.S. was closed, the only commercial aircraft aloft had the name Kalitta painted on its side. Out of all commercial air carriers, Kalitta was chosen to fly a planeload of medical supplies and whole blood products from Los Angeles to New York for the relief and life-saving efforts at Ground Zero.

phone +1 800 525 4882
fax +1 734 544 3421
843 Willow Run Airport, MI 48198
Ypsilanti, United States