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K9 Jets

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In early 2022 our sister company, G6 AVIATION, received an unusual quote request for a flight from London to New Jersey for 10 passengers and ten dogs! TEN DOGS!

We were quickly introduced to a grassroots Facebook group, its mission was to link up people interested in sharing charter planes, so their pets didn’t have to fly as cargo/ excess baggage. Katy originally started the group so she could fly with her four dogs and two cats by her side, and she has continued to manage it after her successful flight in August 2021. Members, now around 30,000, seek to share the cost of a jet charter with all administration currently being covered by volunteers within the group.

Quickly recovering from our surprise of over ten dogs, in the last 12 months, G6 AVIATION has flown over 100 pets and their owners across the Atlantic, all enjoying the comfort of a private jet cabin.

In view of this demand, K9 JETS was created in July 2022 to make it even easier for you and your pets to travel.

K9 JETS is a public charter operator. It is not a direct air carrier and does not own or operate any aircraft.

All flights are operated by Pegasus Elite Aviation or other licensed U.S. air carrier.

phone +44 121 546 0400 / +001 201 426 6268
West Midlands B3 1RB
Birmingham, United Kingdom